The Tropicalia Bazaar

Inspired by the known events and discount shops that became “fever” in all Second Life, The Tropicalia Bazaar hits the market, aimed to offer high quality products and exclusive designs at affordable prices. TTB as it can be called, is composed of a select group of designers with some characteristics in common. The project, idealized by Vick Spitteler and Stu Reyes, Second Life residents since 2007, initially has a portfolio of designers such as Reale, Giereh, Nikita Fride, EverGlow, Art Body Store, Yulicie, NHA!, Al’Ol architecture and others. The shop, a rustic house, attracts by the warmth and the beautiful location in the Sim Reale. The inviting scenery full of little details favors the relaxed atmosphere of the environment, certainly helping with shopping. How about shopping in the midst of flowers, near a beautiful waterfall, listening to a delicious bossa-nova?

*EverGlow* exclusive poses

TP to The Tropicalia Bazaar


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